Bow Banana Roller
Bow Banana Roller
₹ 18,500.00₹28,500.00

General Details:
Model: ART-8029
Material: Standard
Diameter: Customize
Packaging Type: Standardd
Roller Diameter: Customize
Roller Length: Customize
Color: Blue
Shaft Diameter: Standardd
Size/Dimension: Standard
Usage/Application: Textile Industries, Paper Industries
Working Temperature: Standard
Available Size: Customize
Country of Origin: India
Rubber Hardness: 70- to 90
Bow Banana Roller:

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Bow Roll
Bow Roll
₹ 18,500.00

General Details:
Model: Bow Roll
Material: Rubber
Diameter: NA
Packaging Type: Standard
Roller Diameter: NA
Roller Length: NA
Color: Blue,Black
Shaft Diameter: NA
Size/Dimension: NA
Usage/Application: Textile,Paper,Film Plant
Working Temperature: NA
Thickness: NA
Available Size: up to 4000 mm
Country of Origin: NA
Rubber Hardness: NA
Roller Core Material: NA
Tolerance: NA

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